Steampunk Michael Jackson Peter Pan

Published in the Michael Jackson Opus Book.
I wanted to paint Michael Jackson as Peter Pan, but a Steampunk version since traditional interpretations of Peter Pan can be quite mundane. So I found the happiest portrait I could find of Michael to use as reference and what better situation to paint him in than his signature dance move. I put him in the forest with mountains in the background to represent his permanent and supreme contribution to the world. I added Tinkerbell for people to properly identify the subject matter. And I resisted putting my likeness in her countenance. I added a ship in the background which would be the infamous vessel that belonged to Captain Hook. In Michael's case, Hook would be his nemesis, Tom Sneddon, the evil district attorney of Santa Maria who tried unsuccessfully to indict Michael. Need I have to mention that Michael was pronounced innocent of all 14 counts in this criminal trial! I'd like to think that in my painting, Tom Sneddon and his cronies have all been dropped off at the pit of Sarlacc where they will be painfully digested for a thousand years! So the ship is now manned by a crew of faithful MJ fans!
MJ is innocent!